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If you're a person who's serious about changing your life:

               •If you want to live more fully in the present

              • If you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the demands your life places on you

              • ​If you are wanting more self compassion

              • If you feel there is something in the way of you moving forward


       Focusing may be what you are looking for!

           ‘We have been taught to substitute what others tell us for our own individual
            inner knowing. Focusing teaches us how to trust our own truth and how to let
            it come fully into our lives. To journey back to our center, our inner home is to
            return to our deepest self,our sense of who we really are, our true knowing
            and the sources of our transformation.'  
                                                                                                    Barbara McGavin

                 ' The word PAUSE has a big secret in it' ...Gene Gendlin ( November 2014 )


        What is Focusing? 

Focusing is a mode of inward bodily attention. It is more than being in touch with your feelings and different from body work. Focusing offers a new way of being with ourselves - that has all of us in it.  Focusing is a creative act.

Focusing occurs exactly at the interface of body-mind.   It consists of specific steps for getting a body sense of how you are in a particular life situation.  This is known as the Felt Sense.  To do this first we must Pause.....

 We need to pause to really notice what is perhaps best described as our  interactional aliveness, what our bodies are carrying for us and how they are carrying it.  This felt sense is often unclear and vague at first, but if you pay gentle attention it opens up into words or images and movement and from there you may experience a felt shift in your body. What is being held by your body changes all by itself as it is given space ....and gentle attention. 

This  gentle unfolding of the bodies wisdom is what is known as Focusing. 

In the process of Focusing, one experiences a physical change in the way that the issue is being lived in the body.
We learn to live in a deeper place than just thoughts or feelings. We are opened up to that deeper river that runs through us.
We are in contact with the place that real change happens.  When we do this our  issues look and feel different and new solutions naturally arise.  When we learn to do this we are at the evolving edge of Being a human being, we call this Felt Sense literacy. 


"This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know, that the soul exists, and that it is built entirely out of attention”
                                       - Mary Oliver

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