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training overview

If you would like to  to learn Focusing, you can join the Focusing Training Program. The Focusing Training Program consists of Level One followed by Levels Two, Three, and Four.

We teach Level one to four in person at the Abbotsford convent and on Skype.   These Four  programs can  also be taken from anwhere in Australia and the World. 

If you would prefer to learn in an individual setting Focusing is also  taught through a series of one to one sessions with a Focusing teacher. These classes can be undertaken on the skype/ phone or in person. 

Would you like to try a free Focusing session?

We  offer a series of workshops to support you in using Focusing with other practices and to address important life issues.

We also have workshops training in Wholebody Focusing.  Check out our calendar for more details

Some of our programs are especially tailored to Therapists and Other Healing Professionals. We also offer Professional Development programs. 

We offer Wellbeing workshops  for teachers that we take into Schools. 

We have a program that promotes Wellbeing for Carers.

If you would like to know more about Professional Development call or email us at: