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School of Focusing


"It was like a massage, and a bath and a good night's sleep all at the same time."

Carol - teacher (after a one-to-one session)

“I came into the session feeling overwhelmed by a major life issue that has been on-going. During the work I got a felt sense of an image which was a complete antidote to the analysis and mind scramble I had been in, trying to work my way through the maze of the 'problem'. The image was contradictory to everything overwhelming in that it offered a sense of hope, peace and possibility. What more can I say? This stuff really works and as you know Jo, it’s fun. As well as to use a worn out cliché 'life-changing.'”

Margie - workshop participant

"I had been living back in Melbourne for a couple of years after having spent ten years in France and I was stuck in a horrible culture shock and grieving over my lost Parisian life. I suppose you could call it a sort of a depression. I just didn’t want to be in Melbourne, but I couldn’t seem to get anything in my life moving to try and change my situation.

One day I finally gave focusing a go and without doing anything my life sort of started to shift of its own accord. People feel as though I’ve changed and am a different person to the angry, frustrated, insular shadow I had become. I actually found love in my life for the first time in decades and I wasn’t even looking for anyone. That was really the surprise package!

I still continue to practise this great, mysteriously simple yet complex process. It is not dissimilar to a certain form of meditation, but through guidance it allows you to let the body reveal its own symbolic order to you and this is where focusing is so special. It is like starting up a relationship with yourself, as can be done in psychoanalysis, however, it goes way beyond anything like that for me as it is not just a cerebral exploration of the self, tied up in analysis and the talking cure. Even though focusing is not a psychoanalytic therapy, it seems to be a lot more direct and deeper than any attempt at therapy I have ever had as it really goes to the body sense. It allows you to give love and empathy to your body like never before and I cannot stand anything new age or phoney, but I quickly realized that this is really a beautiful gift that Jo is sharing with us and this process is the one I want to go deeper and deeper into. It is healing without trying to be healing. It is like learning to make friends with all the things inside you and listen to them and not try and manipulate anything or force anything or change anything inside and this is when true change can start to take place."

Lou - singer/teacher

"I have been working with Jo Kennedy for around two years using the technique of focusing. In the past I have been involved in Reichian bodywork, bio-dynamics, group therapy and one-on-one counselling – have I left something out? Probably. Put very simply focusing is the only technique I have found so far that has enabled me to make real changes in my life. It is an extraordinarily subtle and powerful technique. I use it to find clarity in what I am thinking and feeling. It is a powerful problem-solving tool in numerous situations. I am, (among other things) a writer.

Lately I have begun to work with Jo using focusing as a way of finding my way into stories and characters. This has already begun to show very promising results.

About a year ago I did the level 1 focusing course with Jo. I found her to be a very capable teacher who was able to introduce the rather subtle focusing to a disparate group of people in a very clear and organised manner. The class materials & notes she supplied were informative and very professionally organized. I feel all the members of the class were able to “get” focusing and we continue to meet and focus each other. I would unhesitatingly recommend Jo as an inspiring and effective teacher."

Richard - writer/film maker