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Phone Seminars

How skype/phone seminars work.

We currently run all  of our online courses on skype. If you do not have skype you can call in on a special phone number we will give you. It is simple, all you need is a phone, no special equipment, though a hands-free headset is helpful.

You can call on the phone or Skype. If you want to call in by phone let us know when you register, you'll receive a special number to call. You'll be in the class with the teacher, the assistants, and a group of friendly fellow students. The teacher will call you at the appointed time and all you need to do is be ready to take the call.  

There will be teaching, demonstrations, question periods, group exercises, and paired exercises. You will also recieve a seating chart with peoples friendly faces on it, this gives the class more of a sense of embodiement.  We've been doing phone seminars  for 9 years – and they work amazingly well. 
Studies taken around the world have shown that people who learn Focusing online are more likely to continue on to have regular Focusing partnership each week. For this reason we are building the number of skype classes we are offering. We hope you join us.