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Focusing Level Two

The second course in the Focusing Training Program supports you in deepening your experience with Focusing and being a Focusing partner in many ways, including:

  • More tips and practice in cultivating Self-in-Presence, the ability to be compassionately larger than your difficult emotions
  • More ways to help your Focusing partners be Self-in-Presence as well
  • A supported process for coming into body awareness at the start of the session, called “Leading In,” that you can give to and receive from your Focusing partner
  • More about the “edge,” that place where what is unclear becomes clear, and how that is the key to transformation
  • Support in getting the most out of your Focusing process, especially in the places where you know it could go further but it isn’t
  • “Advanced listening” skills for helping your partner get a felt sense when starting with an issue, for helping your partner stay with the present moment, and much more
“Focusing  level two has really clicked deep inside me, in an easy way and I cannot wait to do more. Thank you for this precious gift. " Di

The manual for Focusing Level Two is The Focusing Student’s and Companion’s Manual:
          Part One
, Sections 4. (Dwelling at the Edge), 5. (The Power of Presence), 6. (Becoming Companions).



  • More supported practice with partners
  • More exercises and handouts
  • More opportunities for questions and discussion

“In Level Two, Focusing gets more solid, more grounded, easier… there’s a big leap in confidence and ability.” Ann

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