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Focusing Level Three

The third course in the Focusing Training Program deepens and expands your process, both as Focuser and as Companion. In Focusing Level Three, the Companion starts being able to make supportive suggestions if the Focuser would like them. For this to happen, both people in the partnership learn a model for the typical "shape" of a Focusing session, so you know what stage the process is in, and what kind of reminder would be most supportive at that stage.

Level Three is often called the "deep structure" of Focusing.

What will you receive from taking Focusing Level Three?

  • More options for each stage of the Focusing process: more ways of starting, more ways of deepening your inner connection
  • Some very specific and powerful ways to go beyond just "being with it,"
  • New and useful ways to reap the benefits of the positive, enjoyable feelings in your Focusing process
  • More ways to bring Focusing into your life all day long, including in your interactions with other people
  • How to give graceful and unobtrusive "reminders" so the Focuser doesn't have to do it all alone


  • A whole new manual: The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual, Part Two
  • More cards and detailed handouts
  • Troubleshooting with difficulties with each stage of the process

"I thought I knew Focusing before, but Level three is when I really
got what was possible. " Ruth

Fee: $360

if you're repeating Level Three (Please note, class materials like manuals and crib cards are not included in the repeating fee.)

Prerequisite: Focusing Level Two with any Inner Relationship Focusing

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