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Focusing Level one

What will you receive from taking the Focusing Training Program?

  • An easy , step-by-step method for starting with any problem or stuck situation and finding relief, insight, and new steps of action, so you feel bigger than your problems and in control of your life.
  • A revolutionary way to access your body's wisdom – so you can get in touch with rich information about your life and your life's direction that you already know without knowing you know
  • A simple but powerful listening process that lets you be supportive of other people – and yourself – in ways that are literally the opposite of interfering and giving advice, so your relationships open up
  • A structured plan for moving forward and taking the lessons beyond the course into your daily life so you feel empowered to take your life into the areas you've always wished for yourself.
  • This is learning a process that you can use with any problem or issue, now or in the future, for the rest of your life.If you are looking for help with one specific problem you may find, one-to-one sessions would be a better choice for you.

           “Learning focusing is the most wonderful journey of a lifetime."                 Sarah

What the class actually includes:

  • Five two-and-a-half-hour meetings for a total of 12.5 hours of class time.
  • Your own copy of The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual
  • Unique "crib cards" for every paired class exercise so you know exactly what to do to make the exercises most effective for yourself and your partner.
  • Up to one hour of Focusing partnership, in between class meetings each week, to further develop your Focusing skills.
  • Email and/or phone support from the teacher and the class assistants if you have questions between the class meetings or need extra help.

If you are taking the course by phone or skype: click here
It is a requirement of the training program that you have a Focusing session before joining a group Focusing class. This ensures each participant has the opportunity to have contact with the teacher and recognise their Felt sense before embarking on partnership practice. 

The cost of the skype Level One Focusing course is $360. 
Class tuition is refundable up to 5 days before the start of class, minus a $35 processing fee; or, you can opt for a credit for the full amount to put towards a future class. 

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