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Focusing Level Four

Focusing Level Four

The fourth course in the Focusing Training Program centers on getting past the most typical blocks to Focusing, both for your own process and helping your Focusing partners. In Level Four, Focusing becomes even more integrated into your life, how you are with yourself, how you are with others. Focusing Level Four invites us to return to the essence of the Focusing process, to the simplicity beneath the complexity. We discover that we can let go of “rules” and stay true to what is essential.

In Level Four we learn and practice ways to be present for a partner who feels not much... or too much. We learn how to facilitate Focusing through all kinds of blocks: inner critics, doubts, sleepiness, distractions. As we learn how to be present for this in our partners, we also learn how to deepen the process for ourselves.

What will you receive from taking Focusing Level Four?

  • Understanding the most typical block to Focusing: being identified with a “feeling about a feeling,” (eg,' not liking', being afraid) – and how to help yourself and other people transform this experience
  • Powerful language and attitudes for helping yourself and others positively change your experience of an “inner criticizing process” that says things like, “You’re hopeless” and “This will never work.”
  • More ways to help yourself (or a partner) when you are feeling overwhelmed by strong emotional states
  • More ways to help yourself (or a partner) when you are feeling resistant to feeling anything
  • Wider understanding of the concept of “body” and what makes our bodies so wise
  • How to let go of “rules” and still do Focusing -- staying true to what is essential

“Level Four took the process so much deeper. I am feeling so much more comfortable, confident, calm and compassionate.” Donna

Prerequisite: Focusing Level Three with any Inner Relationship Focusing teacher

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