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Levels Two, Three & Four

Are you wanting to resolve what's in the way of your own growth and the life you know is possible?

You CAN be the one in charge of your change process… and your change process can build on your own resources, help you be stronger, calmer, have a more creative life.

Wouldn't it be great to have a respectful, body-based process for change that really works, that YOU can learn, that YOU can have with you every day of your life, for yourself, for family and friends? You can.

Inner Relationship Focusing is a powerful and natural process for positive life change.

Hi, I'm Jo Kennedy, and I've been teaching IR Focusing training programs since 2008 . I was taught by Ann Weiser Cornell the founder of Inner Relationship Focusing. Ann created these programs because she saw people struggling with procrastination and finding it hard to move forward, sinking under low self-esteem and severe inner criticism, having a hard time feeling grounded and making confident decisions, and most of all longing to live the fulfilling lives they knew they could live but never quite getting there. I have seen hundreds of people's lives improved by taking these courses. My own challenges with cancer, and inner criticism were radically transformed by this Focusing Training Program and that is why I am now offering it to others.

The Focusing Training Program is designed to give you Focusing for the rest of your life, and it has four Levels:

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Each Level includes:

  • Five two-and-a-half-hour meetings for a total of 12.5 hours of class time.
  • A manual, "crib cards" and handouts.
  • Email and/or phone support from the teacher and the class assistants if you have questions between the class meetings or need extra help.

If taken on the phone:

  • Access to recordings of every class as mp3 downloads up to 60 days after the end of the class, so you'll be able to listen again to anything you want to hear twice – or over and over again.
  • A "seating chart" with photos of the teacher, the assistants, and your fellow students so you can connect names with faces.

The levels must be taken in order – Level 1 is the prerequisite for Level 2, Level 2 is the prerequisite for Level 3, and Level 3 is the prerequisite for Level 4.

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